Bully Rubber Liner Paint – 5L – BLACK

$280.00 incl. GST


BullyLiner™ is a– state of the art – waterbased single component coating, requiring no catalyst to activate. Bullyliner offers both the DIY or Professional user a friendly & environmentally conscious technology which is easily applied by Brush, Roller or Spray.

Easy to Apply; Roll , Brush or Spray on application

4ltrs covers approximately 24m2

2 coats are recommended for normal truck bed use, 3 coats for heavy industrial use
*Coverage will vary depending on method of application. The coverage listed above is based on rolling or brushing the product on. Spraying will lay down thicker coating.

Bullyliner’s recycled tyre technology, is non-toxic ultra-low VOC chemistry that cures in ambient air. Allowing its user to virtually vulcanize rubber onto almost any surface! Applied onto any surface is like lining it with rubber tyres.

Bullyliner can be built up to any thickness by simply applying multiple coats.

Bullyliner technology is also further enhanced with Self-Cleaning Nano-Technology.

The unique properties of Nano-Technology within Bullyliner’s chemistry reduces the surface contact point of contamination, resulting in a durable rubberized surface coating that can be much easily cleaned compared to other conventional textured non-slip surface coatings.

Additional information

Weight 19.0 kg
Dimensions 67.31 × 44.45 × 52.07 cm