Torq-it – JK, WK2, 300C SRT, BT50, Hilux, Ranger, Colorado

$399.00 incl. GST

Exclusive to USA 4X4 for the Jeep marque is the plug and go Torque Tuner. come and test one out, you will not believe the difference they make, out units are programmed exclusively for the JK and WK2, there made in Germany, there the best unit on the market. other Chinese junk does not compare


Most cars of the 21st century use a drive-by-wire system to control the throttle body. Unfortunately, the drive-by-wire system causes subdued acceleration and throttle lag.

The Torque Tuner solves this problem by taking the signal from your pedal and varying it, eliminating throttle lag and changing the driving experience.

Torque Tuner has three modes; Sport, Sport+, and Eco mode. Each of which have six levels of adjustability. Sport mode is suited for enthusiast daily driving, Sport+ is for aggressive driving, and Eco Mode is for fuel consumption.

Tony’s thoughts: “I put one on our 2013 2 door JK with 4.1’s and 33’s and drove it home in the wet, I was fish tailing away from the lights like a V8! I have never experience such a great little plug in gadget in my life, so were now selling them for the Jeep exclusively, and not only for the JK, this suits many Jeep models.”

Customers thoughts: “A lot smoother mate. Put it straight in when it arrived on the Friday as had to head up to Ballarat that night. Travelling around the ring road included a lot of gearing down and gearing up with the bloody traffic, and the pick up through 3rd and 4th was particularly improved.

I did turn it off yesterday as I had the JK in for service and boy, do you notice it already when it’s not there. Really happy with it so far, but yet to try it out in the wet.

I have it tucked in nice and tight under the steering wheel so it’s no bother.

Cheers Tony

Paul C”



  • Increased throttle response, more power, faster!
  • Eliminating throttle response delays
  • Car responds in approximately half the time at low rpm
  • Acceleration delay in third and fourth gear equal zero
  • Easier overtaking in all gears
  • Plug-n-Play less than 15 minute install
  • Three modes with six levels of customization, 18 levels in all, each for on the fly
  • Torque Tuner custom programmed for Australian delivered vehicles
  • Further individual customization capable controller
  • European quality
  • Manual as well as Automatic transmission compatible, Petrol as well as Diesel
  • Can be used in standard or custom tuned vehicles. other makes and models other than jeep available